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100% Natural, Pure Vegetable Handmade Soap

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"This is "whole soap" containing all the moisturizing glycerin and other elements present from the soap making process."
Debra Lynn Dadd, Consumer Advocate, Author of
Home Safe Home and hailed "Queen of Green" by the New York Times.

Our soaps as seen in the
January - February issue of
Natural Home Magazine.

We leave in the good stuff...
Each bar is 100% natural soap is its true, pure form. That means you get all the bar soap's rich, naturally occurring moisturizing ingredient - glycerin; making them a great choice for dry, sensitive or eczema prone skin.

And if we may get on our "soap box"...the dirty little secret about big brand name "soap" is that they take out the it can be sold back to you in lotions and creams.

You get the "whole soap" and nothing but the soap from Prairie Meadow!TM

And leave out the bad stuff...
Of course, you won't find synthetic additives, animal tallow, petroleum products or other chemicals in Prairie Meadow's handmade soaps. We leave that stuff out because they are found in "detergent bars" and are known to strip your skin of its natural oils, leaving it dry, flaky and itchy.

So what do we put in that makes Prairie Meadow Soap different? 
Oh, just good things like aloe vera, cocoa butter, shea butter, oatmeal, herbs, and jojoba. Luxury, skin loving food grade oils like almond, avocado, olive (40% in each bar), castor, palm (loaded with vitamin E) and coconut.

We use only the highest quality, freshest, all-plant based ingredients. And then we infuse our luxuriously creamy, long-lasting soaps with pure, plant derived essential oils - not sythentic fragrance oils. These wonderful essences carry the scents and beneficial properties of the particular plants to awaken your senses and help nourish and maintain healthy skin and hair.

We also use rosemary oil extract as a natural preservative, herbs for their healing properties and herbs, botanicals and clays for natural coloring.

While other companies falsely claim to offer "natural" skin care products, we're proud to say that we are in a minority of committed producers of 100% natural, pure and gentle handmade soap. Readily biodegradable and safe for the environment!

"Your soap did draw me back to the shower for 3 showers on Sunday."
Paul D., Milwaukee, WI

"My daughter was recently diagnosed with several chemical allergies (MCS) that affect only her skin. Two of these chemicals are found in every manufactured soap (including baby wash) and most other skin care products. After alot of frustration and worry over what to use for our daughter's bath, my mother-in-law gave me a few different bars of Prairie Meadow Soap to try. My daughter's rashes began to clear up almost immediately! For the first time in over four months our daughter had actually attained clear skin. We have found the Oatmeal & Honey Soap bar is the best for her skin. Thank you so much for this product. We are now customers for life."
Nicole H., Scottsboro, AL

NOTE: Our products are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, mitigate, or prevent a disease or illness. Results may vary per person.
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